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8-year-old polyglot Mabou Loiseau (8 languages, 8 musical instruments, sings) on Katie Couric

Mabou Loiseau speaks French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Creole, English, Sign Language and is learning Japanese. She also plays piano, violin, drums, guitar, harp, clarinet, flute, conga, sings and takes college level algebra.

From ‘Katie’ on ABC, July 10 2014.


holy shit bruh

Some hating ass Latina-white supremacist said she should be more humble and I fucking flipped. No humble black girls!! No humble black girls!!


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ekdoteenchar asked: hate my name so i'll just spell my url E, K, D, O, T, N, C, H, A, R


awww now I’m really curious about your name! :P 

I already did  E ,C , A and H. so I’ll do the rest thou and thank you <3333

K: (Relationship with my parents) Well I never met my Dad so that’s he is out of the picture, ummm my mom. We have our days. We both have very strong personalities , so bump head a lot but I do love her and I’m thankful of her being in my life and taking care of me. 

D: (The Hardest thing I ever been through) Depression. It’s literally hell. I’m trying to stay happy and be happy all the time but depression kicks my ass  Right now I’m just trying figure out who I am and what i want to do and when you feel you have no mission in life you feel like shit and its depressing i wish I knew what i’m supposed to do but i dont even know what i want right now. i just want to be happy. 

O: (My eye color) It depends on the lighting honestly cuz my eyes changes to 50 shades of brown. seriously. In some pictures it looks dark brown and some are golden brown. So basically it’s Brown. xD 

T: (Age I get mistaken for): People think I am 16 or 17. 

N: (Favorite place to shop at): H&M or Goodwill. :P

R: (Favorite song at the moment:) That’s hard it’s between Haim - Don’t save me or Melanie Martinez - Carousel

Thank you btw,  my name is TIA so you can also do this. <3333

spoopyprincesspugsly asked: H A L L E (and a C for my last name since the L is repeated)


Thank you Halle!! <333

H: (Do I smoke or drink?) I don’t smoke but I do drink! :3

A: (Why my last relationship ended?) ummm I’m not good at long distance relationship and I dont feel i really loved my partner enough to wait for him :/

L:(One of insecurites) My acne spots :/ bleh.

C: (Who I like and Why I like them?) I like this guy named Rhyan aka my boyfriend aka BAE <333 and I like him because he is very different than any guy I ever been with. First off he is my first black boyfriend ever, ( I usually only date Latinos)  I honestly can I say I love him and have no doubt about it. He is super chill and can be romantic at times which makes me fall for him more and super silly. I known since high school and I never thought we would end up together but I’m sooo happy we did. 

E: (My best friend): My 17 years old sister Taylor is my best friend. She is my world! <3333 

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